Diddy slammed with yet another sex trafficking lawsuit

Diddy slammed with yet another sex trafficking lawsuit

Embattled entertainment mogul, Sean Combs aka Diddy is facing another sexual assault lawsuit, this time from an adult film act

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Embattled entertainment mogul, Sean Combs aka Diddy is facing another sexual assault lawsuit, this time from an adult film actress, Adria English aka Monique.

Diddy allegedly hired a former adult film actress to engage in sexual activities with guests at his parties and threatened to ruin her career and her male partner if they did not agree.

Adria alleges that she met Diddy in 2004 when her boyfriend was auditioning for a modeling job with Sean John.

According to court documents, Adria claims that things quickly turned intimate with Diddy from the beginning.

Adria alleges that her boyfriend and another model were allegedly asked to engage in oral sex with Diddy as a condition to secure a job.

She states that her boyfriend declined, but was later given another opportunity when another associate of Diddy’s offered him the job on the condition that Adria would work as a “go-go dancer” at Diddy’s upcoming white party in the Hamptons.

Both Adria and her boyfriend agreed to the terms, and she went on to work at the party during Labor Day weekend in 2004, as evidenced by photos included in the lawsuit.

Adria claims that she continued to work at other parties hosted by Diddy, where she was allegedly given alcohol laced with drugs like ecstasy and was encouraged to flirt with guests.

While Adria initially did not engage in sexual activities with guests, she alleges that Diddy gradually manipulated her into sex trafficking.

According to her claims, the situation escalated when Diddy insisted that she have sex with Jacob Arabov, also known as “Jacob the Jeweler” in hip hop circles.

As stated in the lawsuit, Adria alleges that she was coerced into having sexual intercourse with Jacob Arabov and was then paid an extra $1,000 in addition to her usual earnings for working at Diddy’s parties.

Adria reportedly took a photo with Jacob Arabov after the alleged incident while still at the party. She claims that Diddy personally commended her for complying with the directive to have sex with Jacob and congratulated her on a job well done.

Jacob is listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Adria alleges that the situation escalated as she was allegedly passed off to other individuals at Diddy’s parties, where she claims she was also sexually assaulted.

In addition to Diddy, she is suing a woman named Tamiko Thomas, whom she accused of organizing Diddy’s sex trafficking operation.

Adria stated that she has experienced emotional trauma, including intimacy issues and painful memories, due to the alleged sex trafficking she endured.

Adria is suing Diddy, Bad Boy, Tamiko Thomas, “Jacob the Jeweler,” and other parties, seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit