US based pediatrician reveals secrets to her good looks at 50

US based pediatrician reveals secrets to her good looks at 50

A US based pediatrician, Iyabo Wezbell who recently clocked 50 is opening up about some of the secrets that has kept her looking young and nothing lik

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A US based pediatrician, Iyabo Wezbell who recently clocked 50 is opening up about some of the secrets that has kept her looking young and nothing like her age. In a social media post, the married mother of four talked about 11 points one can adhere strictly to, to enjoy a fabulous life.

She said, “Many young ladies have asked me what it takes to look youthful, young and ageless at 5-0. Some of you would also like to know what my daily routine is. I’ll try my best to cover everything on a few posts.

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. Most important for youthfulness. If you skimp on sleep, it will affect every part of your life adversely. All adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep, at a minimum.

EXERCISE-daily, for at least 30 minutes. I do some form of exercise every single day. I walk a minimum of 3 miles daily, and I add other forms of exercise 2-3 times a week. Barre, yoga, HIIT. Since COVID, I walk inside my home some days. Up/down stairs, and back and forth briskly in our living room, some days outdoors.

A HEALTHY DIET, rich in fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lower in refined carbs. and moderate portions. I eat seafood 90% of the time, and poultry, red meat 10%. I eat healthy 75% of the time, and I enjoy cake, ice cream etc 25% of the time….but still in small servings. Eating a tub of ice cream is very different from 2 tablespoons of ice cream. 1 cookie is not 6!
Don’t drink your calories!!! Drink water!! Cut out soda-regular and diet. I drink water, hot herbal teas, unsweetened almond/oat milk-30cal options, (and a glass of red wine 0-2 times a week).

MISCELLANEOUS -I use sunscreen daily, and moisturize a lot-face, day and night serums etc. I’ve used the entire Lancome line for 15 years. There are many other great lines—even Oil of Olay is long as you use them consistently.

WORK ON YOUR INSIDES-your soul, your spirit, your emotions, your mental health….don’t keep grudges, don’t overthink, be decisive, worry less, don’t envy or allow jealousy in your soul-those are very toxic, and will age you, and ‘eat you up’, create boundaries from toxic people, pray a lot, let your faith guide you, don’t over share everything about your life, keep only a few trusted friends or family close to details of your life—, be discerning-not all family and all friends are to be trusted

DEVELOP A THICK SKIN…..this one may be controversial, but I believe if you’re thin skinned and are easily offended by people’s opinions of you, or if you carry hurt in your soul for prolonged periods, that will age you. You have to shake it off, brush it off, and move on.

DEVELOP YOUR OWN STYLE. Know and love your body type, dress for confidence….this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your body-exercise, eat healthy, & pls maintain a healthy weight….BUT you should not wear certain clothes just because they are in style. If it looks good on her, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

BE CAREFUL WITH OBSESSION WITH PLASTIC SURGERY for anti aging-Controversial also…I have nothing against plastic surgery. Get surgery if you want, but be careful. The more you fix…the more you want to fix, and then you end up looking older and unnatural. I believe natural anti-aging is best—healthy diet, healthy foods, soul health. But that’s just my opinion.

FIND YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE…and live it every single day. Figure out your gifts, your talents and passion, and use those to empower and inspire lives. This is probably one of the best age defying and anti-aging tools. If you are changing and touching lives positively every day, your soul sings, your soul flourishes, and you’ll radiate from inside out. If you’re only concerned and wrapped up about only your life and your inner circle’s life, that is not purposeful living. Do something each day to make someone outside of your inner circle smile….

SPREAD HOPE EVERY any way you can and you will be renewed from inside out and you’ll stay youthful. Living in purpose also leads to less worry and less anxiety, and less stress about life.

AVOID CODEPENDENT RELATIONSHIPS—both platonic and romantic. Don’t depend on friends, family, and your spouse for all you need. Take charge of your own life. If you want a nice to get it yourself. A business-get up and build it. Ladies-don’t marry him just cuz he can provide all material stuff for you. Bad idea!!! Interdependence=successful relationships!