Pastor Paul Enenche under fire for accusing church member of faking her testimony

Pastor Paul Enenche under fire for accusing church member of faking her testimony

Veronica Anyim, a member of Pastor Paul Enenche led Dunamis Intenational Gospel Centre, Abuja, who was suspected by the senior pastor of giving a fake

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Pastor Enenche led Dunamis church renders apology for wrongly accusing member of giving false testimony

Veronica Anyim, a member of Pastor Paul Enenche led Dunamis Intenational Gospel Centre, Abuja, who was suspected by the senior pastor of giving a fake testimony at the church, graduated from the Law Department of the National Open University of Nigeria has been vindicated.

On Sunday during church service, her celebratory moment turned controversial when Enenche questioned her academic achievement as she shared her testimony.

Anyim stepped up to the pulpit with a story of personal triumph, announcing she had broken her family’s cycle of educational limitations by earning a law degree from the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

During her testimony, she shared the struggles and setbacks she faced on her journey to graduation, overcoming financial difficulties and health challenges to become the first university graduate in her family.

Her testimony video went, “I want to appreciate God for my life and my family, and I want to thank God for using mummy and daddy for our sake. It all happened when I was trying to attend the National Open University of Nigeria.

“Before I came to Dunamis, many things were happening in my life and my family; from my father’s side and my mother’s side, nobody was a graduate. They only ended up in primary or secondary school.

“But when God remembered me, I got a job, and I was working, and I decided to further my education; I started school, and I wanted to do a law programme. I started in 2014, and I never lacked the money to pay my school fees; I kept going to the extent that I got to my 500 level and challenges everywhere: problems, sickness, they afflict me with leg pain, and I was not able to finish my mate had finished, the law programme is six years, but since I was unable to meet up, I keep on like that. But yesterday, I graduated.”

However, her joy was cut short when Enenche questioned the credibility of the woman’s testimony. Enenche noticed discrepancies in her language and understanding of her supposed law degree. His suspicions rose when Anyim referred to her degree as a BSc in law, which led to further probing by the pastor.

Enenche accused her of lying.

He asked, “What kind of degree did you get? Medicine is MBBS,” the woman boldly replied that she had a BSc in law. In response, the pastor’s fury ignited. He told her she didn’t sound like a Law graduate, going by how she spoke. He also told her that there is nothing like a ‘BSc in Law’ and demanded that she leave the pulpit.

Enenche further cautioned the congregation against false testimonies.

“The moment she talked about a law degree, I knew there is nothing like ‘law’ in what she was saying. No matter how bad it is, it hasn’t reached that level. Is there any lawyer here with a BSc in Law? Lie testimony, come to stand on the altar to tell lies in the name of testimony. Anyone who dares that should do it at your detriment, the Lord killeth and maketh alive. Come to make it look like the word of God is fake. Or that what God is doing is not real? You do it to the detriment of yourself.”

However, checks reveal that Anyim was a law graduate from the institution.

Anyim, matric number: NOU133971176, and full name: Anyim Veronica Nnenna, paid her first e-facilitation fee, ICT fee, and Library fee at the university on March 21, 2017. She did her semester registration on the same date. She also made payment for her compulsory final clearance fee on April 8, 2024. Further checks revealed that Anyim paid course registration fees for some courses like Law of Evidence, International Law and Diplomacy, Land Law 1 & 2, and Law of Taxation, a few to mention.

A source at NOUN who craved anonymity confirmed that Anyim graduated from the institution and that her name was on the graduation list for 2024.

When asked how the woman graduated in 2024, about eight years after the programme was suspended, the source maintained that it was possible.

“It is possible. She probably had waited some years to get herself together for the programme. Or deferred for other purposes.”

Veronica Anyim

He further stressed that there are people who have spent about 10 years on their programme because they are busy with work or other things. He also said that the process of deferring admission to the school is simple, citing the example of lack of funds leading to the suspension of programmes.

Also, a check on the woman’s Facebook page showed that she is a police officer and truly graduated after she wrote, “And it came to pass yesterday 13th April being Saturday, 2024 at National Open University Abuja (sic). Father, I am saying thank you for making me Graduate from my Law programme. Congratulations to me once again.

“Two Celebrations just for me in this month of April my birthday. Ur too faithful to fail me. Friends join me and thank Him for all he has done for me. Thank you Jesus hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah (sic) Amen.”

The incident has sparked discussions online, with many suggesting that Anyin’s initial inaccurate description of her degree could have been due to nervousness or pressure on stage rather than an intent to deceive.

There have been calls for Enenche to apologise to the woman.

Ironically, in 2016, NOUN formally announced the suspension of admissions into its Law programme.

The decision, according to its Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdallah Adamu, was a sequel to the exclusion of graduates of its Law programme by the Council for Legal Education from attending the Nigerian Law School.

He also premised the decision on the advice of the National Universities Commission that students should be stopped from undertaking the course, pending the resolution of the impasse generated by the refusal of the Law School to allow NOUN graduates to attend its programme.