Buhari hates Igbos, doesn’t trust them – Fani Kayode (Video)

Buhari hates Igbos, doesn’t trust them – Fani Kayode (Video)

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has revealed how President Muhammadu Buhari confessed his hatred for people of Igbo extraction. Acc

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A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has revealed how President Muhammadu Buhari confessed his hatred for people of Igbo extraction.
According to The Street Journal, Fani-Kayode explained that Buhari once invited him to his bedroom and confirmed his hatred for Igbo people.
According to the Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Buhari said northerners still remember and can never forget how the Igbos allegedly killed some Northern leaders and that ever since, it has been difficult for Buhari nor any other northern leader to trust Igbo people.
To this end, Fani-Kayode said he does not believe in the continuous coexistence of Nigerians because the whole mindset and view of northerners is different from other Nigerians.

On how he got to discover Buhari’s hatred for the Igbo people, Fani-Kayode said, “I met Buhari through Nasir el-Rufai and as time went by, I was called and told Buhari wanted to see me, and I said okay. When I got there, he (Buhari) said we should go inside the bedroom and we started talking. 

“I know his aspiration but he has a problem trusting people in view of what had happened to him in the past but he just wants me to work with him if he manages to win the nomination for his party. He said he likes me, that I am courageous and that Obasanjo said a lot about me that once I believe in a course, I will fight it.
“Anyway, let me tell you why I am telling the story. We started talking about history and about the Igbos. You know what this man (Buhari) said to me, he said they (Igbo) killed our (Northern) leaders in the wake of the night and we can never forget it; that it’s a cultural problem and we can’t trust them.
“When he (Buhari) was talking about trust, that was when he said this. And I said, sir, they (Igbo) killed, not just the Northern leaders, they killed leaders from every zone including Southwest where I come from, the Niger Delta, and every zone. But he (Buhari) chose the North.
“And he (Buhari) said no, that Northerners remember and will never forget and cannot trust them (Igbo). He (Buhari) said they will give them problem. I have never seen that level of racism in any of the few leaders I have ever met.
“This was deep-seated hatred for a whole nation of people and I left that room saying to myself, these people (Northerners) have to be stopped because if they are not stopped and they get to power, what they would do is, first, they would deal with the Igbos, and then they will come and deal with us (Yoruba); they will deal with everybody and from the main reason, apart from Muslim/Muslim ticket move, I said I will also expose them and fight them.
“We understand that there are some basic fundamental core issues you must never compromise. It’s not like giving Nnamdi Kanu the position of SGF or Vice President or something like that because if you do that, he will serve his term then we will be back to square one.

“The truth is that you have got to fight for your people. The truth is that I don’t believe in this union (Nigeria) anymore. I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in Nigeria. I don’t believe that the Northwest and the Northeast as they are now should be part of us because their whole mindset, their own view about the world is different from ours.”