Reuben Abati unveils Kikelomo Atanda-Owo as third wife

Reuben Abati unveils Kikelomo Atanda-Owo as third wife

Arise TV morning show host and former presidential spokesperson, Dr. Reuben Abati today, unveiled his third wife while showering her with praise on he

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Arise TV morning show host and former presidential spokesperson, Dr. Reuben Abati today, unveiled his third wife while showering her with praise on her birthday today.

The name of the third wife is Kikelomo Atanda-Owo.

In an Instagram post, Abati spoke glowingly of Kikelomo aka Kiki, who is the chief host of RealTalkWithKike, a live TV/radio talk show on Inspiration FM and Silverbird TV.

Abati wrote, “It is World Kiki Day today, Happy birthday to my remarkable and intellectually beautiful wife in her forties, yet defying the aging process @realtalkwithkike.

“You, my wife possess a taste that matches your impeccable work ethic as a hardworking woman. Your elegance is only outshined by your work ethic, and I am beyond proud of you.

“The stylist of my heart, you’ve effortlessly woven your magic every morning for the past three years. I understand I might owe you for this fashion transformation, but hey, I’m a humble journalist, after all.

“You are not only my life partner but also my confidante. Even when we find ourselves in a disagreement, I adore how we set it aside to share stories, gossip, and bond. Your kindness, Kiki, knows no bounds. You are the person closest to me on this planet.

“True intimacy means someone who knows you, the good and the bad, yet loves you regardless, and I am grateful for you by my side, Kiki. Your entrepreneurial skills are nothing short of impressive with academic decrees in about three disciplines and years of professional experience.

“A no-nonsense demeanor complements your calming look, and believe me all, no one should be fooled.

“Your numerous awards reflect your outstanding contributions, but your true worth goes beyond mere accolades. You’ve been the catalyst that reignited my zest back for life, motivating me more to reach for greater heights.

“It’s not about material possessions; it’s about two souls joining to accomplish more together. You are the type of woman who brings everything to the table—intelligence, value, financial acumen, purpose, wisdom, class, ambition, and so much more.

“By your nature, you yearn to assist people, even those who may not deserve your kindness. I pray you consider being more discerning, as the world can be unkind. Don’t stop being the remarkable person you are, but choose carefully who receives your unwavering kindness.

“You stand more successful than your peers. I can only pray for God’s continued grace to protect you from life’s challenges. May this new season usher in more blessings and joy.

“We are all your biggest cheerleaders, Kiki. Happy birthday, Iyawo e! @realtalkwithkike”

Abati was previously married to a woman called Iyabo. She was the mother of his four children. He separated from her and married a second woman, Lara who was his side chick.

The marriage is blessed with two lovely boys, Michael and Richard.

Kikelomo has been married before.

She was married to Professor Ademola Abass, a former special adviser on overseas affairs and investment to former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos.

With over 20 years in marketing communications, Kikelomo plies her trade via Z- Edge Consulting, which specialises in organisation, strategic market planning, and supply chain consultancy among others.