In a now-viral video, the lovebirds are seen performing their traditional wedding rites before family members on Friday. They are also captured kneeling before Ivy’s family to receive their marital blessings.

“You people will be the light of the world. Your children will also be the light of the world. God Almighty will bless you around. Whatever you ask from God, God will grant it to you. Grant it to your children also. In Jesus name,” a family member prayed in Igbo language.

His twin brother, Peter and his popular older brother, Jude were both conspicuously absent at the lowkey ceremony.

Paul was previously married to Anita in 2004. The marriage produced three children before it packed up after eight years.

In 2021, their marriage came under public scrutiny when a divorce petition filed by Anita surfaced online.

In July 2023, another court document surfaced, proving she filed for divorce due to alleged infidelity.

Last month, the singer slammed critics looking for who to blame after a failed marriage.

The hitmaker advised his followers to stop nursing the notion that all divorces must be toxic.

Paul also hinted at possible hashtags for his wedding with Ivy who he unveiled as his partner in December 2022.

“Some of you all wish and think all divorces must be toxic. You are looking for someone to blame so that you all can be entertained. Lol. #Ifeomanonso or #Ifynonso? Choose one.”

In January, Ivy revealed the most painful remarks that bothered her the most were those who referred to her as a homewrecker.