Popular Ghanaian pastor, Enoch Aminu who is the general overseer of Pure Fire Ministries has lambasted Nigerian leaders over what her refers to as their dullness and how it inadvertently impacts on the citizens.

The pastor made this revelation during one of the Sunday services in his church. According to him, Nigerians have become dull in their governance, rulings and economic excellence due to the dull nature of their leaders. He went ahead to explain that, the speed with which the leaders of the country works affects the actions of its citizens.

“When you appoint a leader that is dull, everybody in that nation will look as if they are dull but Nigerians are brilliant people. In all the universities in America, Nigeria, they are top-notch, but their leaders, they are dull. However, with the leaders, there is no brain of business, no brain of future, no brain of infrastructure, no brain of raising people but they have only brain to steal money,” he said.