Famous hair entrepreneur, Funmi Hair dies of brain tumor

Famous hair entrepreneur, Funmi Hair dies of brain tumor

Funmi Namabiri, the London hair entrepreneur who runs famous hair brand, Funmi Hair, is dead. The sad news of her death was announced today by

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The text message read,  “Good day all. Trust you and yours are well. With a heavy heart, on behalf of pastor, I write to inform you that Mrs Funmi Namabiri (Mr Namabiri’s wife) has gone to be with the Lord this morning. Mr Namabiri’s mobile is 07815 134027. Thank you.”

A native of Osun State she and her husband ran the family business, Helena Hair Care Ltd in the UK, where they are based. Their hair care business is globally known for the famous hair extension, Funmi Hair which is highly patronized by top celebrity women for it’s high quality, which has seen the Chinese trying to replicate it without success.

Funmi Hair rated as the world’s number one human hair. Worn by women all over the world, Funmi Hair, which launched into the market over 40 years ago, remains the most sought after human hair by women.

So successful did her human hair business become, that she wrote a book on her life’s journey titled, ’The Secret Of Funmi Hair’.

Funmi and her husband, a former IMB banker, also ran their family resort, Praise Banquet Hotel and Resort, located in her homestate, Osun State.

Those close to her said she had been battling with brain tumor which eventually took her life.

The news of her death comes as a huge shock to many of her clients and society friends, both in Nigeria and in the UK.