Easy tips for wearing a red pout on Valentine’s day

Red is synonymous with love, so are red lipsticks. With Valentine’s day around the corner, red lips are essential to pulling off a romantic, classic a

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Red is synonymous with love, so are red lipsticks. With Valentine’s day around the corner, red lips are essential to pulling off a romantic, classic and elegant look. There is a lot of power in red lipsticks, little wonder it has been a staple in make-up bags for centuries. But not all red lipsticks provide the desired look. Some can fall flat or actually make the wearer look trashy. So how do you select the right shade of red to pull off a red pout especially for valentine? Below is a list of the best MAC red lipsticks that will give you the luscious red lips you have always desired.

MAC Russian Red
It  comes in a matte finish and is highly pigmented. This is a standard retro red lip color that suits most women. It’s creamy, soft, and glides effortlessly on the lips.

MAC Viva Glam
It  provides a semi-matte finish. A color so deep and rich, it suits almost all skin tones. It is a part of the special Viva Glam Collection by MAC that donates 100 per cent of its proceeds to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

MAC Dubbonet
The Dubonnet by MAC comes in a deep red shade with burgundy undertones. It has a creamy texture and a glossy finish. This shade can also be worn as a stain during the day.


MAC Brave Red
It comes in a creme sheen texture leaving your lips soft and supple after every application. It’s slightly sheer in finish, so to get an intense color, swipe two to three coats of the lipstick.

MAC Ruby Woo
It is retro-matte in texture and one swipe of it goes a long way. Because of its ultra matte texture, your lips can get a little dry after a while, so ensure that you prep you lips with some lip balm/conditioner before applying the lipstick.

MAC Lady Bug
This is a lustre finish tomato red lipstick. It moisturizes your lips while making them appear glossy. If you are not into reds, or not a fan of bright shades, then this one is for you. It is quite sheer on the lips and leaves a nice red stain.

MAC Lady Danger
It is a classic orange-red shade that is loved by all. It provides a matte finish.

The MAC Red lipstick provides a semi-matte finish. It has a satin texture and an opaque finish. Wear it by itself or pair it up with a red lip pencil for a bold look.

MAC Chilli
This is a burnt orange-red shade in matte finish. It’s weightless and glides smoothly onto the lips.

MAC Diva
This is a beautiful dark burgundy-red shade. It has a matte finish and is highly pigmented. A shade that will make you look no less than a diva!


With these guidelines, you have no fear of pulling off a red pout

  • Consider the lighting: If you’re going to be outdoors, pick a softer shade. For evening, go bolder, so your features stand out.
  • Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips. They tend to make lips look smaller.
  • Experiment with intense shades if you have strong coloring.
  • Don’t play up your eyes. Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup.
  • Don’t toss a red lipstick in a shade that doesn’t work, instead top it with a gold gloss to warm and soften it, or add a pink gloss to take it to the bluer side.
  • Be precise. That means whether you’re using a brush or applying lipstick straight from the tube.
  • Red lipstick should never be applied casually in the back of a taxi
  • Don’t use red lip liner if it doesn’t match your lipstick perfectly and chances are that it won’t and you’ll end up with a two-tone effect. If you like using liner, find a shade that’s close to your natural lip color and use it to outline your lips.
  • Prevent bleeding by applying a little concealer around the border of your mouth.
  • Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth. After applying, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess color.

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