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UK bars Donald Trump, not welcome to address Parliament

A top-ranking British lawmaker vowed to block President Donald Trump from speaking before the U.K. Parliament in the historic Westminster Hall, citing [...]

President Trump suffers new travel ban setback

The US federal appeal court has rejected the Trump administration's request to reinstate a travel ban blocked by a federal judge on Friday. The late n [...]

Schwarzenegger to Trump: ‘Why Don’t We Switch Jobs?’

President Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been embroiled in a long-distance feud after the president used the solemn occasion of the National Pra [...]

Donald Trump cites reasons for immigrant ban, as Obama disagrees with the order

President Donald Trump has released a statement following the widespread response to his executive order about immigration. In the statement, Donald c [...]

World leaders react to Trump’s travel ban

World leaders and prominent figures have blasted US President Donald Trump's temporary ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from enter [...]
Madeleine Albright and Mayim Bialik plan to register as Muslims in defiance of Trump

Madeleine Albright and Mayim Bialik plan to register as Muslims in defiance of Trump

A former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright and 'Big Bang Theory' actress, Mayim Bialik, have both vowed to register as Muslim if Donald Trump [...]

Trump’s ban: We will respond in kind, says Iran

Iran has said that it will ban Americans from entering the country in response to President Donald Trump’s 'insulting' order restricting arrivals from [...]

President Adama Barrow arrives Gambia, at last

Jubilant Gambians have welcomed home President Adama Barrow, who was elected almost two months ago but forced to flee to Senegal when his predecessor [...]

Barrow’s Government refutes claims of $11m Jammeh Loot, says no supporting evidence

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh may not have cleaned out state coffers after all after reports of an $11m Jammeh loot went viral early in the we [...]

Non Zambians to look elsewhere for spouses as police bans officers from getting hitched to foreigners

Foreigners looking to get married to Zambian police officers may have to look elsewhere as the Zambian police authority has issued a memorandum to all [...]
1 46 47 48 49 50 480 / 499 POSTS