A review of runway looks from the #GTBankfashnweekend2019

A review of runway looks from the #GTBankfashnweekend2019

Unlike previous editions, where 10 or little above that number of designers showcase their collections, this year’s runway shows which ended each day'

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Unlike previous editions, where 10 or little above that number of designers showcase their collections, this year’s runway shows which ended each day’s flurry of activities, featured collections from 18 design houses; 14 international designers and four Nigerian designers. It is safe to say that batik and indigo dyed fabrics is staging a comeback as it was one prominent feature of some of the pieces used. The well-coordinated two day show offered guests artistic insights into the modern world of Nigerian and global fashion designs.

Day 1

Three as four: The designer set the ball rolling with his rich display of artistry and avant garde designs. From earthy themes with vegetation patch work to sporty looks which included the footwears worn by the models to his choice of fabrics, the collection was a pure depiction of art.

Odion Mimonet: The collection featured very feminine, structured an alluring pieces. She experimented with a bit of avant garde with some Victorian ball gowns, played around with lace as cutouts and fringe.


Mantsho: The South African based designer incorporated a lot of bright colours in her designs which was quite feminine, flowy with edgy designs.

Haus of stone: The collection featured mostly pastel shades with a spartan and earthy theme

Style Temple: Pristine whites, bold hues, silk, tassles were the hallmarks of this ultra feminine collection.

Nkwo: The collection was a fusion of traditional and modern with her use of adire, denim and organza. The highlight of he collection was the footwear made from recycled plastic.


Thula Sindi: A collection for the modern and elegant woman, it was filled with the use of fringe, sequins and bright colours.


Tzarstudios: A collection of casual pieces, colourful fabrics and  minimalistic design

Lezanne Viviers: A high fashion collection, it was a mixture of sporty, over the top casuals, a speckle of leather and a few feminine pieces. Daring styles and eccentric patterns aptly defines it.


Day 2
Hushian Zang:
The London based designer’s collection featured a lot of feminine details with his use of lace, feathers and metallic fabric.


Imane Ayissi: Art décor aptly defines this collection with the designer who incorporated a lot of tribal prints, leathers and raffia in his designs in an attempt to fuse haute couture with traditional African textiles. The highlight of his collection was the ankle and knee length boots he made with leather and fabrics to match the dress it was being worn with as well as the earrings made of wood.


Ituen Basi: The Nigerian designer who is well known for her heavy use of the Ankara fabric, played with a kaleidoscope of colours which included colourful feathers, a lot of fringes and a bit of layering. The highlight of her collection was the wigs worn by the models, they were made of Ankara fabric.


Sukeina: The Senegalese’ very impressive fashion collection was a mixture of structured pieces, bold ruffles, fringe and leather.

Fruche: Indigenous meets modern aptly describes this collection which featured heavily, aso oke, adire, beads, denim, metallic fabrics and feathers.

Mafi Mafi: A very sporty affair with distinctive designs, it featured a lot of kimonos and casuals, all in cotton fabrics.

Studio 189: A very traditional collection with a retro feel it featured mostly batik, indigo dyeing and weaving in geometric patterns.


Lanre Dasilva Ajayi: Famed for her Victorian era style, Lanre didn’t disappoint as she flooded the runway in pieces made of silk, organza, lace sequins, hand painted and metallic fabrics on a large scale, all in vintage silhouettes. The addition of hair pieces added character to the collection.


Laquan Smith:  The New York based fashion designer known for showcasing risqué collections, ended the show on the second day of the fashion event. Not for the faint hearted, this year’s collection was as sensual as it was glamorous.